The Backpack Inventory System is useful for storing items. It was created specifically for Unity.

It utilizes both IMGUI and UI Toolkit for its editor interface.


  • Ability to assign categories of items. Useful for differentiating between currency, powerups, standard pickups, and other types of items.
  • Maximum item stacks can be assigned.
  • Attributes can be given to items, which can be used to assign custom properties to the item.
  • Items have assignable Context Actions, which can be invoked for behavior (drop items, discard, spawn object, etc.)
  • Inventories have Bags, which can store a specific category of item.
    • Filters can be assigned to Bags, which gives more control on what type of item can be stored.

Backpack in the component menu:

Backpack in the component menu

It also comes with a tool window, the Item Registry, useful for viewing all items in the project, along with adding additional items, besides Unity’s standard Create menu.

Backpack's Item Registry